Military Challenge



Sunday 29th October 2017


For those who are interested in the MC but are wondering if they are capable, here is a rough guide:

The additional weight will affect your posture, gait and stride length therefore some practice runs are recommended as you will use ranges of movement and muscle groups beyond normal running. Try and use as small a back pack as possible and fill it with 'soft' weight, ie sand or a 15 kg bag of dog food. This will reduce soft tissue bruising. Wear two pairs of thin socks to reduce friction/blisters to your feet. One last thing, unless you're a Hereford Hooligan even running all the way round will add at least 1.30 minutes per mile to your normal speed.


It is recommended that you build up to the full weight and the distance over a number of weeks prior to attempting the event on the day.

Boots must be sturdy and provide ankle support and the backpacks WILL be weighed prior to and after the event!


..... and some people aren't!

Some people are very aware of lurking cameras!

The Military Challenge entails the competitor wearing boots and carrying a backpack weighing 36lbs (16.3 kgs) for men and 24lbs (10.9 kgs) for women. There is no requirement to run the course, walking or 'TABBING' is more than acceptable. Tabbing is an acronym that relates to the Military phrase 'Tactical Advance to Battle'. It is a very fast paced walk designed to cover ground quickly whilst carrying heavy equipment but minimising impact on lower limbs and joints. A fast TAB will cover a mile in around 12 minutes! Unless you practise this you will suffer shin pains during the event. This year we are asking that anyone entering the MC pledge to raise £100 in sponsorship for the Poppy Appeal. We appreciate that times are tight for everyone. Details of how best to raise sponsorship can be found on the sponsorship page.

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