Race Route

The most important thing about our course is that it has a slight downhill finish! As you can see from the elevation profile it's a very flat and fast course with plenty of long straights to reel in the runner in front of you. From the top of the slight rise at Cadney you can see almost a third of the course!


The route is a straight forward 5 kilometres out and back along a very quiet country road. The public road ISN'T closed to traffic for the event however there is very little traffic on a Sunday morning.


  • The first kilometre of the course runs parallel to the River Ancholme and only has a couple of very slight bends. The road surface is in quite good condition and makes for a fast first and last kilometre.
  • The second kilometre is probably the most difficult of the race with several bends and a poor road surface. There is quite a severe camber and a lots of wear and tear from farm traffic. To minimise the chance of injury please allow enough space from the runner in front to see where your feet will be landing.
  • The third and fourth kilometres are also fast ones with only a couple of bends, run on mostly refurbished road surfacing.
  • The fifth kilometer includes the slight rise to the turnaround poin tin the village of Cadney.
  • The route then reverses with the finish in the centre of Brigg.


There is a water stop 50 metres prior to the 5 kilometre turn round point.


The route is well signposted and marshalled.

Brigg 10k 2015 Start and Finish.


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Sunday 30th October 2016

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